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How to be happy in life. First become self-aware.

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Coronavirus Lockdown, People, Strategy | 0 comments

The continual search for discovering one’s passions, exploration and ultimately living a life of complete happiness, can mean very different things for everyone. But if one can laugh and feel joy, then why can’t they feel like this all the time? Why do they fall victim to distractions which numb the pain of fear and uncertainty? The answer people often provide when asking how to be happy in life, is usually, “I don’t know”. Self-awareness is knowing who you are, what triggers certain emotions, how those emotions are handled, having and identifying desires, and ultimately, what makes you feel happy and truly yourself.

According to a study by Dr Tasha Eurich, only 10%-15% of the 5000 people she studied are in fact, self-aware. After looking at this study, Dr Eurich discovered that self-awareness was made up of two main categories; internal and external self-awareness. She describes internal self-awareness as to how one sees themselves comprising their values, thoughts and feelings. It is associated with passions, relationships and personal life goals. External self-awareness is how others see that person around the same points.

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To live a fulfilled life, one also needs to understand how others see them. So they may develop stronger relationships and feel more connected to those around them. I believe there is a necessary and delicate balance between internal and external self-awareness. Differing personalities might find one of these categories difficult to discover, or worse, handle. Nonetheless, it is vital to reflect on and be curious and insightful about. In order to cultivate a sense of strong and complete self-awareness.

In business, all members of the organisation need to practice good self-awareness techniques. To ensure that skills and passions are maximised while enjoying good teamwork and communication. As a life-long entrepreneur, I have always explored many passions. Which is often daunting in the early phases and have sometimes led to feelings of stress and anxiety. To ensure success and a winning outcome is not easy. However, it is vital that I stayed true to myself and remained in control of my emotions.

By being self-aware of my emotional triggers as well as my core skills and abilities, I could focus and return to a state of peace. Ongoing reflection after all actions and decisions throughout the day can help in the continuous evaluation and control of oneself. It is the secret to ensuring the pursuit of a happy life and not someone else’s life. Each day we should make time to reflect and reconnect with ourselves. Be mindful of our actions and emotions, listen before speaking and be open to new ideas and perspectives.

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